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Organic wine growing domaine

“He who knows how to taste, does not drink wine but savors secrets
Salvador Dali
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An exceptional terroir

The Domaine des trois Orris thrives 600 meters above the sea level, facing a breathtaking vista of the Pic du Canigou. In the heart of this peserved nature, isolated in dense vegetation, it remains safe from the summer heat. This human-sized domaine has been built around a common wish for a link with the land and the pays Catalan.
The Gaubert brothers have been seduced by this site’s potential and the richness of its terroir when they were looking for a place in which to give life to their common passion for wine. All around this plateau grapevines thrive, while Pyrennean eagles glide above them, illuminated by mimosas at the end of winter and bathed in sun and lulled by cicadas come summer. The dry climate of Roussillon progressively confers the berries all the characteristics needed to make great wines from the South of France. The highest grapevines are planted on high slopes and gorge on sunlight while the lowest ones thrive on cool and shaded plains. The soils are made of marlstone, schists and granitic sands in which plants of Syrah, Grenache, Carignan and White Carignan grow, some of which are over one hundred years old.
This diversity of reliefs and soils characteristics allows us to plan precise parcellar selections and in turn to skillfully elaborate our wines from expert blending.

Preserving our biodiversity

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This natural heritage and this setting lead the Domaine des Trois Orris to put more effort each day in preserving its environment.
Amidst this wild nature, the harmony between flora and fauna rules and the Gaubert brothers take the utmost care to not cause unbalance. The 43 hectares of land, kept intact, guarantee that an endemic ecosystem is maintained in which animals, insects and plants live together and cooperate.

On the 13 hectares planted with grapevines, interventions by man are kept to a minimum and the use of chemical inputs has been changed to more natural methods that preserve the richness of the soils, typical of this region, that plays such an important part in the ripening process of the grapes.

In this environment-protection process, the Domaine has obtained the Agriculture Biologique (Organic Farming) certification in 2016. But the Domaine goes beyond its commitment to the certification. We have decided to reduce the mechanical intervention on the plants to a minimum. The team works manually on the slopes, harvesting and pruning by hand which in turn limits the consumption of energy and better preserves the reliefs.

a family history

Domaine des Trois Orris is a family story. The two brothers have worked together since 2016 on this project after having both fallen in love with this exceptional place. While Xavier spends his energy to make their wines well-known beyond the borders of the domaine, Cyrille, devoted to the winegrowing since 2014, commits on running the domaine and keeps a close watch on the plots. Year after year he has learnt the daily moves of a winegrower and has passed down his values to his son who has now joined the field workers in their meticulous work.
    The Gaubert brothers have dedicated themselves to building a humane structure where the synergy of collective work is highlighted. They know how each actor of the domaine is essential. In the team, each one plays their part with interest and passion. Each task is rigorously realized, each move precisely made, with the only motivation of elaborating a wine that represents this cohesion, a wine to be shared.

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Listening to the Earth

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We have chosen the varieties we planted with care. As a consequence Syrah, Grenache and Carignan grow on the domaine’s lands and allow us to obtain structured, harmonious and elegant wines. We have planted Grenache, Roussanne and Viognier over nearly 1 hectare, and are destined to the making of an elaborate white wine. Handpicking the grapes allows for Cyrille to have bunches of whole berries and then select the best of them.
The teamwork doesn’t stop with the harvest of perfectly ripe berries thanks to the altitude of our plots.

Of all the winemaking steps, ageing is the one we care the most about. Even though we are still planning to age the wine in egg-shaped concrete tanks, we already have around 50 different barrels filled with wines of an exceptional diversity and with different profiles coming from the variety of soils and grape varieties we grow.
When we blend, each barrel is tasted with care, pondering each of their characteristics, looking for the perfect balance between freshness and power to elaborate high precision blends.

Our wines
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Discover the Domaine’s wines

Committed to a rigorous quality process, we boast the low yield our grapevines produce. We shape authentic wines. 
Discover our range of organically-grown wines.
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